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Monday, February 21, 2011

Introducing the Etsy single parents team

Last week I was looking around to see if Etsy had a single parents group I could join..did not find one and thought why don't I start one myself. Whahoo a captain of my own team!
Luckily next day came across Sammi whilst on twitter..she agreed to take the position of the team leader and off we went!

I wanted to introduce to you some of the items from these shops which are situated from across the world.
Note these are all very available and easy for you to purchase right from the comfort of your own chair!

Me (Team captain and owner of Change it up and Maison Elevenses)
Natural modern elements throw pillow 

Vintage key, bead and hand stamped washer pendant necklace

Next up is my wonderful leader of the team Sammi from the store Freckle Lips

I love these beautiful handmade tags they can have custom words printed on them.

Here we have artandwares, Taylour's store.

She creates these amazing pieces of artwork!

Next up we have Alexandra with her store Majentakauf

A must for any Etsy & online store..a beautifully designed store banner

Here we have Shannon with her store shannondzikas

Vintage jewelry, clothing and accessories ..take a look for hidden gems

Tamara's store is new visit her at Purple Dragon

Beautiful handmade pieces of jewelry

Sara aka MissFluff!  Her items are all handmade in England.

Each piece is made out of leather and fabric, check out her beautiful necklaces and earrings.

Here we have Victoria's shop beadsnpearls

Gemstones necklaces, freshwater pearls and supplies can all be found here.

Thy local organic pagan (Organic Pagan)

Truly beautiful and pampering items such as soaps, body butters, etc..

Necklaces, bracelets.. including a cool range of guitar pick items.
Jana from Vintage Chic (janamelinda)

Vintage finds like this beautiful compact.

All of these wonderful shops are worth a click...go ahead take 10 mins for a quick visit!


  1. What a nice post :-) I'm going to go through and love on this shops right now! :-)

  2. This is a very nice post. I see lots of things I absolutely don't need, but must have.